• Greg Duncan (Education) and 11 faculty members from 7 departments are awarded a $4.7 million NICHD P01 grant to study why programs and policies to raise children’s competencies do or don’t work.
  • Carter Butts (Sociology/IMBS) received a $750,000 NSF grant to study the effects of using online informal communication during disasters.
  • Brian Gillespie (Sociology, DASA) wins an NSF dissertation grant to study “Early Intergenerational Cohesiveness and Later Proximity to Parents” at Utrecht University.
  • Kitt Carpenter (Business), Marianne Bitler (Economics), and Rita Mehta (Oncology) were awarded a $695,634 grant from the American Cancer Society to study “The Effects of Private Insurance and Public Health Plan Coverage for Mammography: Implications for Access, Prevention, and Policy.”
  • George Farkas (Education) is Co-PI on a $200,000 grant, NSF RAPID: Interactive Science and Technology Instruction for English Learners.
  • David Neumark (Economics) has a new $344,973 grant from NCI on Health Insurance, Labor Supply, and Health.
  • David Neumark (Economics) studies Population Aging, Social Security Reform, and the Employment of Older Americans: The Role of Stronger Age Discrimination Laws with a $20,000 grant from the Borchard Foundation.
  • Sara Wakefield (Criminology, Law & Society) received a grant from the Russell Sage Foundation for Growing Up with An Imprisoned Parent: Mass Incarceration and the Future of American Inequality.

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  • Greg Duncan (Education) was elected to the National Academy of Sciences.
  • Carter Butts (Sociology) won the Leo Goodman Award from the ASA Methodology Section.
  • Matt Huffman (Sociology) received ASA’s W. Richard Scott Award for Distinguished Scholarship for his paper, “Engendering Change: Organizational Dynamics and Workplace Gender Desegregation, 1975–2005.”
  • Katie Bolzendahl (Sociology)’s book, Counted Out: Same Sex Relations and Americans, wins ASA’s William J. Goode Family Sociology Book Award, the Midwest Sociological Society Distinguished Book Award, and the North Central Sociological Association Scholarly Achievement Award.
  • Judith Treas (Sociology) delivered the Matilda White Riley Lecture at the 2011 ASA Meetings.
  • Jennifer Lee (Sociology) is a Visiting Scholar at the Russell Sage Foundation.
  • Frank Bean (Sociology) wins Distinguished Career Award from ASA International Migration Section.
  • Wang Feng’s (Sociology) research on China’s one-child family policy is featured in Science. On leave, Wang directs the Brookings-Tsinghua Institute for Public Policy in Beijing.
  • Chris Marcum (Sociology, DASA) has accepted an NIH post-doctoral fellowship in aging at RAND..
  • Georgiana Bostean (Sociology, DASA) is now a post-doctoral fellow in the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Research, UCLA.
  • Liz Chiarello (Sociology) is a post-doctoral fellow in the Center for Health and Wellbeing, Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.
  • Tsui-o Tai (Sociology) is a post-doctoral fellow in the Institute of Social Research, University of Queensland, Australia.

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Selected Publications

  • Greg Duncan (Education) and Richard Murnane (eds.) publish Whither Opportunity: Rising Inequality, Schools, and Children's Life Chances (Russell Sage, 2011).
  • John Hipp’s (Criminology) “Segregation through the lens of housing unit transition: What roles do the prior residents, the local micro-neighborhood, and the broader neighborhood play?” to appear in Demography.
  • John Hipp (Criminology) publishes “Violent crime, mobility decisions, and neighborhood racial/ethnic transition” in 2011 Social Problems 58(3): 410-432.
  • John Hipp (Criminology) reports on “Spreading the Wealth: The Effect of the Distribution of Income and Race/ethnicity across Households and Neighborhoods on City Crime Trajectories” In Criminology 49(3): 631-665.
  • John Hipp (Criminology) publishes “The role of crime in housing unit racial/ethnic transition” in Criminology 48(3): 683-723.
  • Judith Treas (Sociology) and collaborators report on “The Happy Homemaker? Married Women’s Subjective Well-Being in Cross-national Perspective” in Social Forces 90:111-132.
  • Judith Treas (Sociology) publishes “Revisiting the Bott Thesis on Kin Networks and Marriage” in Social Science Research 40:716-726.
  • Judith Treas (Sociology) and Anne Roeters investigate “Parental Work Demands and Parent-Child, Family, and Couple Leisure in Dutch Families” in Journal of Family Issues 32: 269-291.
  • Judith Treas (Sociology) and Jeanne Batalova document “Residential Independence: The Road to Adulthood in Two U.S. Immigrant Gateways” in Advances in Life Course Research 16:13-24.
  • Matt Huffman (Sociology), Philip Cohen, and Jessica Perlman win honors for “Engendering Change: Organizational Dynamics and Workplace Gender Desegregation, 1975-2005.” Administrative Science Quarterly 55:255-277.
  • Cynthia Feliciano (Sociology), Rennie Lee (DASA grad) and Belinda Robnett (Sociology) report on “Racial Boundaries among Latinos: Evidence from Internet Daters’ Racial Preferences” in Social Problems 58(2): 189-212.
  • Belinda Robnett (Sociology) and Cynthia Feliciano (Sociology) document “Patterns of Racial-Ethnic Exclusion by Internet Daters” in Social Forces, 89(3): 807-828.

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