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California Census Research Data Center: Get secure researcher access to confidential data. 

 UCI Library Guide to Census Data

Digging into Intensive Longitudinal Data: A resource for researchers interested in analyzing EMA, AA, diary, and other types of frequently repeated data 

Center for Research on International Immigration 

Economic Self-Sufficiency Policy Research Institute 

Center for Administrative Data Analysis 

Seed and Spot Grants

C-DASA offers small grants to support affiliates’ research. Seed grants support pilot investigations necessary to establish the viability of a line of research and to see a project to a fundable stage. Spot grants, available on short notice, primarily support the preparation of research proposals for external funding. For information, contact Judith Treas at



For library support, please contact UCI librarian Pauline Manaka, C-DASA’s point person for all your collection, library instruction, and information needs at or 949-824-4969.

Other librarians with very useful expertise include:

  • Brian Williams (US documents and GIS) or 949-824-0473
  • Julia Gelfand (Social Ecology and Statistics) or 949-824-4971
  • Dan Tsang (Social Science Data Archives and International Documents) or 949-824-4978


Social Science Data Subject Guide

Specialized surveys, including those by UCI investigators, are mounted on the UCI Libraries Social Science Data Archives, using the SDA (Survey Documentation and Analysis) software program for data extraction. In addition, UCI Libraries provide online data analysis for some ICPSR studies via SDA. Browse the electronic codebook.  O9ourter data sources are listed under the Data Sources tab on the Social Science Data Subject Guide.  Dan Tsang at is the library contact.


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